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Sailing Extreme is a tailored experience for every on-water need.

For years Sailing Extreme has worked with sailing clubs within Sydney to provide coaching at a higher competitive level. Sailing Extreme offers private tuition with experienced coaches and facilitates the hiring of performance sail boats for both regattas and training. Sailing extreme puts you in contact with experienced dinghy sailors, yachtsman and boat-owners to provide advice on how to best manage or fund a campaign or finance boating endeavours. Sailing extreme gives you the advantage of consulting with knowledgable professionals who can advise you using their personal experience in the field. (Pictured above) Sailing Extreme can also be contacted for on-water sports photography or promotional/fashion photography.


Nothing Beats Experience
With 8 World Championships under his belt and coaching from top level international coaches Nick built invaluable contacts in every area of on-water expertise. The Sailing Extreme team has been built through years of sailing, training, boat owning and traveling and each member holds experience at the top of their game.

Welcome from all of us at Sailing Extreme, we look forward to hearing from you!

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